Wuxi High-Tech Products (Services) Recognition Announcement, EMP Strongly on the List!
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        In order to further guide enterprises to develop high-tech products and services with independent intellectual property rights and their own brands through independent innovation, and to continuously promote the growth of high-tech enterprises, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology started the work of high-tech products and services certification (Referred to as "Municipal High-tech Products Certification") in 2022.

        Recently, Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of the first batch of products to be recognized as high-tech products in 2023. Among the 579 products and services recognized, Jiangsu EMP Technology Co. LTD(“EMP”) with its products "bags, dustless cloths, masks and gloves" was honored to be on the list.

        The public notice is as follows:


That's US:


It is reported that high-tech products and services refers to new products and services with high technical content, good economic benefits and broad market prospects generated by enterprises through R&D and related technological innovation activities, and the technology that plays a core support role for them belongs to the scope of the regulations.

It is worth mentioning that EMP was named the second batch of science and technology-based enterprises in April 2023, was recognized as the first batch of Wuxi City 2023 provincial star-level enterprises on the cloud at the same time, and then entered the list of enterprises to be included in the cultivation of Wuxi City Eagle, Gazelle, quasi-unicorn enterprises in August 2023, and at this stage, it was recognized as one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in 2023, and the strength of science and innovation should not be underestimated. This recognition is not only the recognition of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau for EMP's R&D strength in the field of aseptic/purification/electrostatic protection over the years, but also a great impetus for EMP to continue to develop excellent products in more fields with the market demand as the core in the future.