The completion of the EMP-TECH new project is accelerating its integration with international standards
Admin:EMP Date:2022-10-08 Browse:243

        In order to provide convenient and efficient intimate services to EMP's important customers, EMP began building a super clean cleaning and testing related service supporting factory in Malaysia in October 2022. The factory covers an area of nearly 3800 square meters and will internally build high-level clean rooms, fully automatic intelligent cleaning and drying production lines, ultra pure water systems, laboratories, etc. After the construction is completed, over 100 employees will be here to provide customers with a complete set of aseptic clothing/clean clothing/gloves/parts cleaning, testing, customization and other related services. We will continue to establish and improve an operation team and service center that integrates sales, technical support, warehousing and logistics, and post service at our Malaysian factory. We will provide cost-effective and convenient services to more customers in the Southeast Asian region of EMP in the future.