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Jiangsu EMP Technology Co., Ltd.(or EMP), (hereinafter referred to as "EMP"), started in 2014, is a scientific and technological aseptic/dust-free/anti-static products and protection engineering integrated solution provider. The business scope covers many countries and regions throughout the country and overseas. The company has a comprehensive range of sterile/dust-free/anti-static products and protection industry technology. The main members of the company's management/technical team have more than 20 years of industry experience and accumulation, and have leading technical application capabilities and high-quality overall product line equipment and systems in the fields of clean public engineering, product protection engineering, human protection engineering, environmental protection engineering, anti-static protection engineering, laboratory technology and facilities, biosafety technology and facilities, cleaning, sterilization, clean room operation and management.

EMP has nearly 200 independent invention and utility patents, including five production plants in Chongqing, Dongguan and Malaysia, three of which are national high-tech enterprises, integrating R&D/manufacturing/sales service/technical consulting, achieving annual sales growth of more than 35%. The main products include: dust-free/sterile wipe cloth, dust-free/aseptic series packaging, dust-free/sterile wipe paper, purifying masks, hoods, nitrile/latex/PVC gloves, sticky floor mats/rollers/gauze, anti-static protection, stainless steel products and purification equipment, special precision die-cutting and other products. Continuously introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, and equipped with ten/hundred/thousand/10,000 dust-free production workshop of nearly 7000m2, production capacity and scale level have reached the leading position in the industry.

Through in-depth cooperation with top manufacturing customers in related industries, EMP fully understands customer needs, and with the professional equipment of standardized production bases, experienced engineering execution team ensures the company's ability in technology research and development, high-quality product manufacturing, engineering project management and execution; The dedicated service team provides continuous support in terms of operational excellence and cost-effectiveness to help customers achieve long-term benefits. "Create value for customers and grow together with enterprises", has become the enterprise spirit of EMP-TECH people's continuous progress!

The company has continuously accumulated the following certifications: ISO 13485:2016; GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015; GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015; GB/T45001-2020/ISO45001:2018; GB/T29490-2013; CQC16-491264-2018; NEBB, DMF registration certificate

The idiom "Create value for customers and grow together with enterprises", has become the enterprise spirit of EMP-TECH people's continuous progress!

Service Area

We have many years of professional technical backgrounds in purification, new materials and medical care.

We provide customers of top domestic and foreign Electronics Industry, Semiconductors, New energy technologies, Automotive industry, Biopharmaceuticals, and Medical institutions etc. with one-stop integrated supply services of related consumables. Looking to the future, the company is more committed to the development of new materials technology and medical technology related products and business, and integrates the overall laboratory solutions into the group business.


Development Path


EMP Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was established,Established Wuxi factory and technical center.


Set up a German branch to carry out the car spray-bonded cloth project.


Established the Chongqing factory and became the general agent of South Korea SC protective functional materials in China.
Wuxi Factory Appraisal: National High-tech Enterprise.


Established Dongguan factory, secondary processing of semiconductor high temperature resistant materials, and completed HW system material supplier certification.


Established Jiangsu Inpco Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and invested in UV-ray precision cutting and new energy vehicle vapor-tight film business.


EMP Joint Stock Company was established and the shareholding reform was completed. Chongqing Factory Evaluation: National High-tech Enterprise.


The overall solution for biopharmaceutical preparation packaging. Completion of integration and certification of decontamination/medical consumable products.


2021.09.05, establish a medical consumables production base. 1) Transfer bags for bulk preparations. 2) Sterile powder storage bag. 3) Sterile clothing is produced and sterilized.